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I’m Lara, I’m 23, and I went to MHC! 
Umm, I’ve got a lot of health problems for my age but I try to deal with them.
I’ve got 1 tattoo, and I want more.  
I cry a lot; when I’m happy, sad, angry, inspired, touched…
I love cats, I have 3 of them (Rosie, Sampson, Feather). (Okay, and an outdoor one named London) 
I believe in “the paranormal.”  

I’m typically pretty friendly so feel free to send me a message or something!

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 You can check out this page to see some of my favorite things.

And this page has some “important” posts including some of my photography, graphics, personal text posts, and links to friends’ pages. Oh and gifs, there are some gifs there, too. 

I also run a few other blogs


Things you can expect from this blog:
Cats, gifs, Harry Potter, Sailor Moon, Game of Thrones, True Blood, anime, cats, cats, boobs, Avatar; The Last Airbender, cats, fanfiction stuff, food, Sherlock, emotional text posts, complaining, video games, pretty clothing, bad humor, sexual things, NSFW/TSFW stuff, comics, puns, movie related, fanfic related, hot Korean & Japanese chicks, hunky older men, Avengers, smut, cats, photography, British things and people, things that remind me of autumn, health stuff, feminist stuff, lots of random things.

I like making lame / bad jokes; especially literature or geological related puns. 


I always try to tag potential triggers. 
If I am/was following you and you post anything with gore, teeth-related, or eye-related and you don’t tag it I WILL unfollow you.