I’m not very reliable.


Tonsils are a bye bye. 

Lara is a sleepy pie. 

I’m getting weird feelings about turning 23 on the 16th (omg 1 week).
Also: Tonsils out on Tuesday. Bleh.

I was fine / been fine for a few days, but nope, time to take an ativan. 


fuck divorce 

Forgot that I didn’t / couldn’t make automatic payments for my kohl’s charge card. Got a $25 late fee. 

And I got an overdraft notice from my credit union today - luckily they only charge 1.50 but still. 

My doctor’s office did not call me back yet and neither did the casino. 

» Personal ramblings

about sexuality and stuff 

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I am very grateful that I am 22 and live at home rent free at the moment. I know that comparatively it is living the good life.. but that doesn’t make it easier. I love my mom and I know she means well but it can be so difficult to just do anything around her. 

If I can get a job she’ll be better I think. 

» I’m alive.

And I handed in my final thing for college and now I just have to wait for them to tell me I graduated. 

Also if MHC sends me one more thing in the mail about “WELCOME NEW STUDENT” or “FINANCIAL AID FAQ” or “TUITION INSURANCE” or if I get one more email from the board of 2014 I might flip out. 

(I have so much fanfiction and anime and tv to catch up on. OH MY GOD)

» I started having a convo with my dad yesterday

more below cut - not personal per se but not really read worthy. :P

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» Meds and stuff

I started vyvanse a few days ago… it seems to be helping? It definitely is, how to put it… smoother? than adderall was for me. That’s great, but it’s totally screwing up my sleep schedule and I’ve barely eaten in the past few days. I’m hoping my body will adjust in the coming week or so - to that and the other changes. Bleh. 

» Okay

Sick of trying to do change how I work, sooooo, let’s go!