» For whatever reason I just looked at the WoW site


I miss video games so much. 

» I CAN’T STOP EATING uggggghhh
» I had a migraine today

which sucked… because it hit me really hard right after lunch and I had to lie down and missed the beginning of my class. I’m glad I could make part of it, though. 

Also, it’s Wednesday and that means Rao’s gets GF cookies, which means Lara gets cookies. nommmm. 

I had to work tonight and ended up having coffee and now I’m not really tired. 

I don’t have class until 1:15 tomorrow so it’s okay. 


» Going out may not have been the best idea
» Ahhhh crap

I emailed someone about an internship at a museum and they emailed me back and are all - ahh we’d love to talk to you email us your resume and cover letter/letter of interest. 


Procrastinator extraordinaire. 

I should have waited until I had everything done. How was I supposed to know they’d reply so quickly and show such interest?! 

» Therapy

Sometimes therapy is emotional and you just turn into waterworks right then and there….

and sometimes it’s a delayed reaction and you leave and all of a sudden you’re crying and you can’t stop. 

» nope, grandma’s tired

ugh fuck it I’m just going to go to bed. 

Maybe I’ll actually remember all day tomorrow that it’s Tuesday (unlike today when I thought it was Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday periodically throughout the day). 

I think I need to fibro meds or this is just a really bad flare because I am in so much pain right now from my fingertips to my toes. I honestly don’t know if I’m going to make it to my classes tomorrow and I couldn’t work the past two days. 


» Bad Fibro Day

call dad to say hello

end up getting lectured about my life for 40 minutes


This is how I’m going to start responding whenever someone asks me why I cut my hair.

I’m with you, honey.